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Try these tips to alleviate “text neck” discomfort

Cellphones, the incredibly convenient, “do-it-all” gadgets can also be a real pain in the neck – literally! Text neck is a common condition caused by prolonged smartphone use with poor posture which leads to neck pain and discomfort.1

People tend to tilt their heads  forward when they go on their phones which puts a lot of strain on the neck. In fact, research shows that a 15-degree forward tilt of your head puts 27 pounds of pressure on your cervical spine, 40 degrees puts 49 pounds, and 60 degrees puts 60 pounds!2, 3 No wonder texting leads to neck pain. So, how can we alleviate the symptoms, without throwing our phones out?

Here are some effective treatments supported by evidence. 

  1. Physiotherapy: Offers targeted exercises and stretches that improve your posture and alleviate neck strain. 

    • Click here to view examples of at-home exercises. 

  2. Be mindful of device use: taking regular breaks from looking down and holding devices at eye level can prevent excessive strain on the neck. 

    • TIP: there are various apps you can download on Android or Apple devices that monitor where and how you hold your phone and alert you when you have poor posture. 

P.S. Take action today by clicking this link or calling 905-689-2552 to schedule a physiotherapy appointment today! Your neck will thank you!

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